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News and Articles

Wall Street Journal by NATALIA RACHLIN

“At first glance, ballerinas and soldiers may not seem to have much in common. But an experimental program bringing together dancers and injured veterans of the war in Afghanistan is showing that, when it comes to determination and physical endurance, there are distinct similarities….”

Danish Physiotherapists magazine by Morten Fredslund. Soldiers at the ballet”

“The Royal Ballet’s positive contribution to the rehabilitation of amputee soldiers….” Soldiers, Physio’s and Chief of Rigshospitalet Orthopaedic Surgery Trauma Unit, discuss the positive effects of Pilates.


”Ballet training for the Wounded Soldiers”

“Det giver en vis stolthed, at balletdanserne gider bruge tid på det.” Mark Peters, amputee soldier. (“It gives a sense of pride that ballet dancers want to invest their time on this”)

 Defense/Military magasine. 2010. (Fagligt Forsvar. Fagblad for Konstabler og korporaler.) by Morten Fredslund.

”Genoptræning uden skyklappere...Sårede soldater udviser tro og vilje i særklasse, når det gælder genoptræning....”

 ”Royal Danish Ballet Members Use Pilates to Rehabilitate Veterans”

Rehab Management is a pragmatic clinical and management magazine that features recent advances in the rehabilitation marketplace along with news and current issues in the rehab industry. Published ten times a year Rehab Management features an annual buyer's guide as well as an international issue. Rehab Management reaches your target audience: directors and administrators of rehab facilities, physical and occupational therapists, PTs in private practice, physiatrists, assistive technology providers, athletic trainers, sports medicine specialists, and other rehabilitation professionals Peak Performance Pilates website article. Nov 16th 2011.

“The soldiers in Copenhagen work beside the dancers at the Royal Danish Ballet Pilates Center with Jessie Lee.  I think Mr. Pilates would have approved.”

            “Advance for physical therapy and rehab medicine.” May 9th 2011.

“Currently, Walter Reed Army Medical Center also has a Reformer, which they purchased after hearing the Naval Medical Center San Diego's 2010 CSM report on its success with Pilates. Internationally, Podlenski reported that both Israel and Denmark both use Pilates in rehab with their wounded military.

Movies/ short films

Short film clip (7 mins)  by Dimitris Vulalas, Voice over JoJo Bowman. Documentary of the Dancers training with The Danish Wounded Warriors.

    Debbie Allen, Rihanna, Kathryn McCormick, SYTYCD - DancePlug Dish Episode 85

 The DancePlug Dish, your weekly dance news channel: July 14, 2011. In this week's episode: A SYTYCD star steps up in a new role, ballet dancers help with war...

   Feature Film.

The Danish Wounded Warrior project/Royal Danish Ballet Foundation – have been approached by Swedish Director Lisa Ohlin and Danish produce Michael Bille Frandsen of Asta films. They have received initial funding to go ahead and make a feature film about the D.W.W.P. The film will be feature fictional characters based on the story of the dancers working together with the Soldiers and is due to premiere in c. 2014.

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