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International Collaborators & Colleagues 2011

Elizabeth Larkam MS Ed Polytrauma Pilates Expert/innovator

     Internationally recognized as an innovator of mind body movement techniques for performing arts, therapeutic, athletic, fitness and academic settings. Has worked for 25 years within organizations to develop new applications for Pilates techniques.

     While a Pilates Dance medicine Specialist at Center for Sports Medicine, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital 1985-2000 Elizabeth directed the program that created Pilates protocols for orthopedic, spine and chronic pain diagnoses. In 2008 she began collaborating with physical therapists to develop Pilates protocols for wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan.

     Worked as a Pilates and Dance medicine Specialist with the San Francisco Ballet. Lecturer at the University of San Francisco in exercise and sports science. A mind-body spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. Elizabeth is the dancers mentor and is creating new protocols for the Polytrauma patients. She is the leading expert in this field and will continue to educate the dancers and travel from USA to Copenhagen to expand her teachings and to work hands on with the Danish Wounded.

Mike Podlenski PTA, ATC Physiotherapist for Navy Medical Center in San Diego

Mike has been part of the treating team at Associated Physical Therapy since 1987 and has 24 years of orthopaedic physical therapy and sports medicine experience as a Physical Therapy Assistant and Certified Athletic Trainer. In the past two and one half years, he has been working extensively with amputees and polytrauma patients at the US Navy Medical Center in San Diego The program is part of the center's Comprehensive Combat and Complex Casualty Care (C5) division.

Mike is a key figure in the International collaboration and would be willing to bring his experiences from the Navy Medical Center in San Diego to Copenhagen.


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