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A Growing Vision

With the growing support from our international experts and the improvement of the Danish soldiers surpassing even the dancer’s expectations, the DWWP team became inspired to create an International Training and Knowledge Centre in Copenhagen.  A unique, dynamic Pilates based training centre for wounded soldiers, wounded in combat or in training, who could be in a neutral, non-medical, non-military environment and have the opportunity to work ‘one on one’ with movement specialists. An environment where patients could develop their own unique, tailored exercise program that leads to more freedom of movement, more independence, more ease in everyday activities, improved self-esteem, better walking patterns, improved balance, coordination and confidence.

Our hope was that Danish Wounded Warriors Project could be a resilient entity, running in unity with Copenhagen Pilates Studio in order to harvest synergies. This dynamic setting would serve as a home for both ’fit’ and ‘physically challenged’ people to work under the same roof in order to emphasized their need to be thought of as “abled” as opposed to “dis-abled,” hence the intention that a  ‘non-medical’ environment could create a positive, neutral space for clients/patients to work side by side. We envisioned the Centre consisting of access to internationally acclaimed experts, Pilates Instructors with Polytrauma expertise as well as highly educated Pilates Instructors.

Our drive was the potential of our collaboration with the staff at the Physiotherapy centre at Rigshospitalet Denmark, and leading Pilates specialists from around the world, creating a unique opportunity to create a centre with courses and workshops for Physiotherapists, Doctors, movement specialists and Pilates teachers working with Polytrauma Patients, as well as the soldiers themselves.

We believed that international exchanges and further educational opportunities for instructors, would contribute to putting Denmark on the map as a frontrunner in Pilates and rehabilitation. Such a centre could one day aspire to be an international centre, with Copenhagen leading the way.      

Present Day:  

After 4 years of volunteer work, we stand with a key to our new Training and Knowledge Center in our hand. We have raised almost 1 million Danish Crowns to fund and document the training of fifteen soldiers (11 physically wounded and 4 mentally affected) who will undergo weekly training in Pilates for Polytrauma patients, for the duration of about 1 year. Each participant will partake in a carefully designed “intervention protocol” which will allow us to gather and measure both physical and psychological outcomes, so we can draw conclusions from our findings. The instructors will be both national and international experts within this field, encompassing the experience from San Diego Navy Hospital, Walter Reed Hospital (USA), Tel Aviv Pilates Veteran Center (Israel), Headley Court (UK) and the Danish Wounded Warriors Project (Denmark).Our first ever volunteer (double amputee Lance Corporal Christian Richardson), is undergoing his education to make steps towards becoming probably the 1st ever double amputee Pilates Instructor in history. Jessie Lee and I have been named Pioneers in an international collaboration entitled “Heroes in Motion” which is housed under the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and will serve as a starting point for the development of this area of work within the profession.

This has been one of the greatest adventures of our lives and in some ways it’s just beginning. Our wish is to be able to continue to train our Danish Wounded Warriors, as well as transferring our finely tuned training programs to severely injured civilians, using the same principles of treatment. The incredible people we have come across during our short 4 year journey is overwhelming, and we feel completely privileged to have had the honour of sharing these brave young people’s personal journeys of rehabilitation.


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