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The DWWP Team

The initiators behind the DWWP 2010

The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation / Det Kongelige Ballets Fond.

The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation is a private and independent foundation, founded in 1996. The purpose of the foundation is to support The Royal Danish Ballet and its dancers - during their careers as dancers and after their retirement at the age of 40.

In recent years the Royal Danish Ballet Foundation has additionally worked to promote the art of ballet to a larger audience in Denmark and internationally.

The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation constantly works to break boundaries with the elitist art form that ballet is. Furthermore the foundation works to encourage a broader audience to see and understand ballet and to support other non-profit cultural courses for the common good.

Troels Askerud Lawyer.

20 years of Corporate Finance experience, of which 15 years have been spent managing Professional Service businesses.


Prior to joining NjordCap where he is currently a Partner, Troels was an International Partner at Eversheds LLP law firm and he adds a wealth of experience in Financial and International law gained negotiating and managing transactions in USA, South America, Continental Europe, Russia and Asia.


Chairman and Co-Founder of the Royal Danish Ballet Foundation, Board of Directors of Ice Capital A/S, Board of Directors and Founder of the Banking and Finance Society. Member of the Advisory Board of the Copenhagen University Institute for Commercial and Financial Market Law Troels created the idea behind the Wounded Warriors Project and administrates all the legalities and structures of the Project for example fund seeking.


Jojo Bowman. Ballet Dancer/ Pilates Instructor.

Classical ballet dancer with 20 years of professional experience working with such companies as English National Ballet, Berlin Ballet and Royal Danish Ballet. Began training in Pilates 17 years ago and began an education to become a certified Instructor in 2006. Guest speaker at the International Orthopaedic Conference in the Bella Centre in 2011


In 2011 awarded the Medal of the Danish Society for Military Medicine /Dansk Militærmedicinsk selskabs hæderstegn) by the Chief of the Defence Health Service, (Chefen for Forsvarets Sundhedstjeneste Erik Darre,) for her outstanding achievements and efforts.

In April 2012 was awarded the Anders Lassen Grant by Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. August 2012 – invited to teach and lecture at Adventure camp for wounded soldiers, by the Danish Sports Organization for the Disabled and Paralympics Committee.


Jojo is the driving force behind the DWWP and has participated in rehabilitating 8 of the 9 soldiers. She runs the teaching schedule, is the coordinator with both the Soldiers, Sports Organization for the Disabled and Paralympics Committee and Rigshospital and runs the day to day administration of the Project.


Jessie Lee. Former Ballet Dancer/ Pilates Master Trainer.

Pilates Master Trainer and an ex Ballet Dancer educated at the Royal Danish Ballet School. Has 13 years of dancing experience with English National Ballet, Hamburg Ballet and Royal Danish Ballet.

In 1995 she commenced the Pilates Teacher Training with world renowned Pilates Instructor Alan Herdman in London and became a fully certified Pilates Instructor the following year.

Completed her Gyrotonic® training Level 1 2001 and completed level 2 2011.


In 2000 she was appointed “Pilates Consultant of The Royal Danish Ballet” and furthermore, opened Copenhagen Pilates Studio, the first Pilates and Gyrotonic® Studio in Denmark.

2008 Author of the Pilates book, “Sunde Vaner hele livet med Pilates og Sund kost, L&R. 2011 awarded the Medal of the Danish Society for Military Medicine /Dansk Militærmedicinsk selskabs hæderstegn) by the Chief of the Defence Health Service, (Chefen for Forsvarets Sundhedstjeneste Erik Darre,) for her outstanding achievements and efforts.


Guest speaker at The International Orthopaedic Conference to share her unique experiences with a broader audience.


Invited to join a panel of experts at the world’s largest Pilates Conference, “The Pilates Method Alliance” in Palm Springs. Here she represented Denmark, alongside her International colleagues Harder Schwarts (Pilates Medical Centre for the Israeli Army,) Mike Podlenski (San Diego’s Navy Medical Centre) and Elizabeth Larkam, USA.

2012 was awarded the Anders Lassen Grant by Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.


Jessie is the most experienced of the Pilates Instructors and is the coordinator of the International network, such as our Mentors in USA and Israel as well as the United Kingdom.  She also represents the team for International conferences and collaborations and is a major inspiration to the project.


Finn Warburg Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Copenhagen University Hospital, (Rigshospital) Trauma Unit, responsible for polytrauma patients and wounded soldiers.

President Danish Society for Military Medicine 2005 to 2008. Knight of Denmark (Dannebrog)  Medal of the Danish Secretary of Defence. Medal of the Danish Society for Military Medicine. Presidential Unit Citation (US).

Médaille de la Défence Nationale. Armee de Terre (Fr). Nordic Blue Berets silver medal. NATO medals for KFOR & ISAF.


Recognized as Swedish Airborne Ranger and awarded the "Golden Eagle". Danish Orthopaedic Society “Guildal Fund grant”. Danish Society for Military Medicine “Hans Diderik von Ehlern award”. ”Anders Lassen grant.”.


Finn is the link between the Dancers and the Hospital and is an advisor as well as an ambassador for the Project.. Together with the team of Physio’s at Rig – he refers the Soldiers to the Dancers.

Christian Richardson. Lance Corporal Danish Army. Double Amputee.

2005-06 :Conscript at The Royal Hussar Regiment. 2006-09: Mechanized infantry at The Royal Lifeguards.     2010-12 :Centre for Physical Training, Danish Defence. 


Christian was the 1st Soldier to be trained under the D.W.W.P and due to his enthusiasm and passion, became an advisor and collaborator in the project in January 2011. Christian has been a constant drive since the project began back in spring 2010 and after almost 2 years of training with the dancers, he has decided to dedicate the next chapter of his life to becoming a Pilates Instructor. His contribution to this project will be ground breaking. With the dancers international expert network , he has the possibility to be trained by the world’s best Teacher Trainers,  creating possibly the first ever double amputee Pilates instructor, that could lead the way forward in Pilates for amputees.


Byron Mildwater. Ballet Dancer

Professional Ballet dancer and has worked with the likes of English National Ballet and The Royal Danish Ballet. Currently the Chairman of the Royal Danish Ballet’s Union and is on the Board of The Royal Danish Ballet Fund. Byron was an initiator of The Danish Wounded Warrior’s Project and is a constant driving force in developing and organizing the future of the Project as an administrator




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